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  • 分析用的: Google Analytics, GA Audiences, Baidu Ads
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Cookie Policy

LKFTV Company Limited (“LKFtv”) uses cookies on its website ( (“Website”), App and emails containing certain cookies, records and other technologies of which we use for identification, analysis and advertising purposes. This cookie policy (“Cookie Policy”) explains what cookies we collect and how we use cookies.

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We use some cookies which are “strictly necessary cookies” and without them you will not be able to browse through our Website. If you decide to withhold your consent or block these cookies, some aspects of our Website may not work properly and you may not be able to access the Website in its entirety.

Our Website uses the following technical cookies: navigation or session cookies, analytic / performance cookies, and functionality cookies, and targeting or advertising cookies such as flash cookies.

Third-Party Cookies

Our Website also uses cookies which are required by providers of external services including:

  • Strictly Necessary: Brightcove and Brightcove Player
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  • Analytics: Google Analytics, GA Audiences, Baidu Ads
  • Login: Facebook Connect

Please note that the above cookies are utilized and managed by third-parties over which we have no control as they are managed by their own cookie policies.

Managing Cookie Preferences

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We remind you that by changing or disabling certain cookies may affect the functioning of the Website and your browsing experience.

Updates to our Cookie Policy

Changes may be made to this Cookie Policy from time to time without prior notice and we will publish on our Website if there is any new version of this Policy. Please check back to see any updates or changes to our Cookie Policy.

Last update: 11 January 2019